Company Overview

All enterprises come across contingencies. Additional or specialized manpower has to be mobilized at short notice to face the challenge. The days when efforts were recognized are gone – only results count in today’s business environment. The professionals from your IT consultant would have already collaborated with you on all the aspects and practices of your business. The organization has understood your business as well as yourself. Therefore, when the interim staffing arrangements are needed, the subtle nuances peculiar to a business can be handled expertly. Neither the internal nor the external users would notice any change or feel any interruption. Since the clients are impatient, no business can afford even momentary glitches.

People with the right skill-set are not available off the shelf. Only numbers cannot deliver quality targets. As such, IT staff augmentation is more than providing staff. The people must possess three distinguishing attributes. The technical skills are a given and not so difficult to evaluate, as long as the provider is genuine. The people must be innovators who can adapt to the transient environment, quickly, integrate themselves with the culture and start delivering the results from day one.

Staff augmentation is usually to meet a specific objective. The need may be either because of staff shortage or to provide special technical inputs. The reinforcements called are very much like an army called in to surmount a challenge. Consider a situation, where in the client migrates to an advanced version. Data integrity, security, flexibility and several other issues have to be addressed in a short span to ensure that the users and clients do not miss the services. The process may be as short as a month. Organizations specializing in IT staffing services have the people with the right training to step in.

It so happens and ironically very often, contingencies have a tendency to persist for a longer duration. It is particularly so in the information technology world. The professional IT staffing services may be needed for a few years or a few months. At The Trident Tech, we are enterprising enough to meet your elastic requirements.

We display the same commitment and assure the same quality irrespective of the time durations. We ensure that the people we send, blend with the existing team. Seamless is the catchword here.

Staff augmentation services provided with a holistic approach is essential to the success of the effort. Along with in-depth knowledge of our domains, as a consultant, we possess experience in various industries and practices that may be peculiar to a particular business. We have the right professionals that can deliver tangible and measurable results from day one.

At Trident Technology Software Corp, we are an Information Technology (IT) services provider that delivers Staff augmentation services and IT consulting to our customers with high quality, cost effective IT Staffing Services that improve your business processes automation and personnel collaboration.


Bob Lawrence
CSM, Element Fleet Management

Trident Technology Software Corp is my “go to” information technology company for all my Business Intelligence needs. When I had an urgent need for experienced professionals in SAP BOBJ and Hyperion,The Trident Tech delivered highly-qualified resources in an extremely short timeframe, enabling me, as the manager of these initiatives, and my company to be successful. I especially appreciated the professional and personal contact with Trident Technology Software Corp, as they went above and beyond to ensure we had the right people at the right time to get the job done.

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